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About Us

AChillTek LLC  that aggregates a synergy of IT Consultancy and Integration services for its clients. Backed by a team of highly dedicated & professional consultants, we mould solutions that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We offer a wide range of IT products and services to meet the advances in business technology for corporate world.

With customer satisfaction being our number one priority, you are assured of quality products and services.

Speed and professional solution

In today's rapidly changing world of technology you are right to expect our solutions to be fast and our services to be professional.

More effective running of your business

More effective running of a business and the optimization of its enterprise processes is an important task to do to achieve its successful operation. Each company that lays emphasis on these activities and does them successfully, gets a substantial competitive advantage. PackWest Computer, as a system integrator, is ready to realize your ideas.

Reaching the project parameters

A significant parameter for the positive evaluation of the work of a system integrator is his ability to reach the agreed parameters of the project, particularly deadlines, prices and quality. Only a system integrator that builds on many years of his experience and verified solutions is able to design a realistic project. We are able to fully guarantee this ability.

Improved communication and sharing of information

The role of information systems is not just to cover enterprise processes. Their task is also to provide information content, facilitate the communication in the company and create a good environment for sharing information.

Ability to provide a complex solution

Solving the customer's complex needs and requirements is another significant task we have as a system integrator. Our many years of experience with the complex understanding of solutions for arisen situations and requirements allow us to provide these services also to you.

Involvement of the customer in the solution of the project

The system integrator's ability to listen to the customer's opinions also during the realization of a project, his ability to include the customer into his activities and to transfer know-how to the customer is also a significant contribution he makes. Each project has to be understood as a developing organism, in which it is not possible to define all parameters at a 100 % before the start of the project and not to be able to include the customer's new requirements.

Courtesy of our Certified engineer Packwest Group