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IT and Network Securities
More and more organizations are incorporating mobile access via wireless networks into their remote access strategies. These organizations are deploying mobile solutions to achieve specific business goals, improve productivity and reduce costs. When they add mobile access via wireless networks (WLAN or WWAN) to their remote access strategy, user authentication, data security and other security issues become
significantly more complex and challenging than when dealing only with wired or tethered networks.

Clearly, the desired goal is to achieve the benefits of enterprise mobility, while minimizing the risks. Security is imperative, but the security must be implemented without substantial impact to productivity or usability.

AchillTek LLC captures the heart of this constructive technology that’s uprising and build towards all kinds of securities solutions during wireless implementation. Where your business is our concern, we amplify towards a safe protected network, backing up your organization in the wireless field free of worries and a more cost effective environment to work in.
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