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IT Outsourcing
From our initial foothold in network and securities, we’ve moved on to database design, content management systems, ecommerce solutions, ecommerce Web site design. We’ve also increased our niche in hardware provision, and are proud to announce that we’re  Business Partners,  Authorized Reseller,  Global Partner, amongst many other growing accolades. We deliver cost effective and reliable systems for each sector of the growing market . Our area of expertise ranges over sectors such as manufacturing and retail sectors. With the growing trend of financial setups from overseas, our area of coverage has since spawn over to the financial sectors such as hedge funds investors from the Japan, India nd such.

Manufacturing Sector

Our scope of work:

  • Design and C&C commissioning and Setup topology
    We’ve installed a line of software and provide hardware sourcing for commissioning of such departments in the manufacturing sector.
  • Assembly line creation and inventory control
    AChillTek LLC has assembled a series of inventories control software for instant checking of inventories, such that there is ease of use for all users, and no manual checking is required with the creation of automation. This instantly streamlines cost and increases efficiency for logistics departments and allows you to channel your better effort to other works beneficial to your company.
  • Implementing Warehousing and ERP solutions
    We make Enterprise Resource Planning easier to acquire for you! Detailed discussions to understand the requirements of you will be taken and a structural procedural manual given to guide you through the seemingly difficult and complicated setup. We deliver though our customized system that allows you to manage your resources without incurring high costs and time consumption.

Financial Sector

Our scope of work:

  • Connecting  to Various Countries of trade via network solution
    We understand the difficulty to set up a reliable and stable network to connect to the world during trading hours internationally. Our success stories have seen us deploying onsite network equipment and offsite remote access to allow smooth and unfettered communications to the world. As the World gets smaller with Globalization, we make it easier for you to take advantage of it, and ride on the tides on surging IT to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Support for Trading Hours
    We understand the difficulty in ensuring the network wellbeing during international trading hours. The world never stops spinning. To ensure that operations run smoothly without any downtime sustained, we provide 24hour phone support to you, and provide response time within 4hours should the situation be critical. With AchillTek LLC, you’re assured of your network and communications’ wellbeing, 24/7, anytime.

Maritime Sector

Our scope of work:

  • Consultancy Solutions
    As most shipping firms use a variety of software applications from various companies, we’ve developed a central managing system such that administration is easily accessed by their mother company in the mainland.
  • IT Infrastructure Setup
    As storage becomes more important for shipping firms in view of rising application needs, we will step in to assist to evaluate the current infrastructure, and assist to procure suitable extensions for the current IT infrastructure at the most cost conserving budget.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Information is important to all sectors. As such, during a down time for servers and workstations, we will assist to dispatch our engineers down for serving and disaster recovery services to ensure the fastest way for data recovery.
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